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you never mean to leave...

First time back in LJ in quite a while. Work has been very busy for some time now, and my coworker left, increasing the crazy. Got a new one though, which is awesome.

Also, I've actually taken to Facebook. (gasp) (Almost as strange as me loving my cellphone.) (Which I do.) I have the Twitter, but still not Tweeting. But like so many people who got sucked in, I've found Facebook is indeed a great way to keep up and communicate with my kids.

Using that term loosely. sigh. Two of them are married now, all but three are out of (grade 12) school completely, one of those will graduate this spring, and the last two are already in high school. One of whom is dealing cars already.

Too bizarre.

Sick sick sick today. Going to spend some time perusing my flist.

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