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Went back to work today, following my six week leave. Got the news that the CDC has indeed significantly cut HIV prevention funding to Vermont, with huge impact on my job.

The definite: At the very least, hours will be *significantly* reduced. What the job actually *is* will change as well.

The likely possible: My job will be eliminated.

The entire prevention team (there are three of us) could easily be eliminated given the size/type of cuts/restrictions on funding.

So, I came home and started a job search, and so far have revised my resume and culled five possibilities, and have finished a cover letter for one. Got an inquiry out on two of the others making sure they are still actually open (the close date for resumes was a while back, but they are both still listed as "active") and will do a cover letter for the remaining two tonight before bed.

If you know of something that might interest me, let me know! Not just local peeps. While I am prioritizing local, we'd consider relocating. Might be good for us.

I'd love to stay in the nonprofit world, but I'll go back to corporate if need dictates. My preferences: education, working with the elderly, social services, teens.

I'd prefer NOT to go back toward Development work, but again... as need dictates.

(ETA: Oh, and it would be very difficult for me to move somewhere with significant heat for large parts of the year.)
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