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no church!

No church after all! Mom decided no. I'd say the 1% won out, except it's actually because her left ankle is swollen. I would be very appreciative if it did NOT turn out to be a blood clot this time. Really appreciative.

So, I get to sleep in. :) And hey, not go to church! She'd still like to go to lunch, so we're doing that.

And we finished cleaning the house in time for me to decide at the last minute to go to Saturday night gaming. Still no game tomorrow - which is my preferred gaming - but Saturday night gaming is still fun and I get to hang out with Mr. B. Tonight was... er... interesting. I had a good time, though. Better than some of the guys had, I think.

Off to work on braaaains. Presentation Tuesday night. Not prepared. Last "commitment" to this group, which is a GOOD good goodgoodgood thing. Now just need to keep remembering to say "let me get back to you!"

(Saying 'no' outright to people asking me to do something is nigh impossible for me in the moment, so my goal is to get in the habit of not saying yes, and saying 'let me get back to you' instead. Then I have time to consult with Debbie, shore up my reserves, and work myself up to an actual 'no'.)

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