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I don't really understand why *Mother's* Day is being so difficult this year. :-/ But it is. It was no issue last year. My brain functions strangely at times.

Which is why I am SO READY to go be Entourage in [counts quickly] 11? eleven days! Whee!

Maybe I should get a trench coat, dark sunglasses, and one of those ear buds on a sproingy cord that looks like it goes down into my neck.

First time around that came out as "trench goat." Have no fear, authors-mine, I will not follow you around leading a trench goat on a rope.

I mean, unless you want me to. But there were no goats in the books, so...
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Literally have not been in here since a sick day in November 2011.

REALLY need to start visiting again. I'm missing way too much important stuff. :(
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you never mean to leave...

First time back in LJ in quite a while. Work has been very busy for some time now, and my coworker left, increasing the crazy. Got a new one though, which is awesome.

Also, I've actually taken to Facebook. (gasp) (Almost as strange as me loving my cellphone.) (Which I do.) I have the Twitter, but still not Tweeting. But like so many people who got sucked in, I've found Facebook is indeed a great way to keep up and communicate with my kids.

Using that term loosely. sigh. Two of them are married now, all but three are out of (grade 12) school completely, one of those will graduate this spring, and the last two are already in high school. One of whom is dealing cars already.

Too bizarre.

Sick sick sick today. Going to spend some time perusing my flist.

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GOOD news. No, really.

Went to a statewide meeting yesterday, and my job has been rescued from the jaws of death, for one more year. This is a huge relief. It extends the ability to plan and search for new work, and means I don't have to do it RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

Apparently, the CDC was hit with such a massive outcry from state health departments about the changes, that they have made some emergency bridge money available. Basically, all the health departments said "WAIT... we've been doing what you told us to do, how you told us to do it, and we've committed money to CBO grantees (who in the case of VT have been VERY successful) and now you're telling us we need to completely cut off that funding in five months? Can we have a little more transition time?"

So, CDC has given a modicum of support for more of a transition, and in Vermont, this meant that rather than go away completely, my job would likely be cut down, hour-wise. Still a big problem for me overall, but possibly a longer term problem as far as finding new full time work, as it might be easier to pick up a second job at part time hours to meet our immediate budget needs. (Although health insurance was still a big scary question if my hours dropped below the qualifying threshold.)

HOWEVER... yesterday, the Vermont DoH told us that due to one of their own cost saving/shifting endeavors, they CAN say with great confidence that they will be able to fund all of their current grantees at least through the 2012 year. So while this is not what the original contract promised (which was three years of funding), it is still a HUGE improvement and a big big BIG relief to me, personally. There is still an outside chance this will change again, but our DoH is a cautious bunch, and if they are publicly saying "we are very confident" it means it's basically a done deal.

As Reesa said, it gives me time to PLAN as opposed to REACT. Exactly.

I'm a planner. I plan. It's what I do. When I am deprived of my planning opportunities, my stress monkeys start jumping off the walls.

This helps so much, because all the grief counseling says "try not make any major life changes like moving or changing jobs in the first year after the death" and since I'm already doing the former, I was REALLY not looking forward to doing the latter too, and all at the same time.


AND... last night I finished my book! YAY! NFP, just for me. It makes me VERY happy. :) Haven't written in approximately a year so that was a good way to finish a day of good news.


AND... Saturday is National Cheesecake Day! CELEBRATE!

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Went back to work today, following my six week leave. Got the news that the CDC has indeed significantly cut HIV prevention funding to Vermont, with huge impact on my job.

The definite: At the very least, hours will be *significantly* reduced. What the job actually *is* will change as well.

The likely possible: My job will be eliminated.

The entire prevention team (there are three of us) could easily be eliminated given the size/type of cuts/restrictions on funding.

So, I came home and started a job search, and so far have revised my resume and culled five possibilities, and have finished a cover letter for one. Got an inquiry out on two of the others making sure they are still actually open (the close date for resumes was a while back, but they are both still listed as "active") and will do a cover letter for the remaining two tonight before bed.

If you know of something that might interest me, let me know! Not just local peeps. While I am prioritizing local, we'd consider relocating. Might be good for us.

I'd love to stay in the nonprofit world, but I'll go back to corporate if need dictates. My preferences: education, working with the elderly, social services, teens.

I'd prefer NOT to go back toward Development work, but again... as need dictates.

(ETA: Oh, and it would be very difficult for me to move somewhere with significant heat for large parts of the year.)
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I'm back into third place on the Walk for Life leader board. :-D You guys rock. Thank you so much for supporting my effort.

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Thanks again for all the support for the AIDS Project Walk for Life! It is this coming weekend. Up until last week I was the number two fundraiser! (The number one fundraiser is the woman who always outdistances ALL of us!) This is the best I have ever done, and I'm thrilled. Just recently a board member edged past me, and now my coworker is $6 ahead of me, but I'll make sure to come in ahead of him. ;) THANK YOU for all the generous support. Very appreciated!
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no church!

No church after all! Mom decided no. I'd say the 1% won out, except it's actually because her left ankle is swollen. I would be very appreciative if it did NOT turn out to be a blood clot this time. Really appreciative.

So, I get to sleep in. :) And hey, not go to church! She'd still like to go to lunch, so we're doing that.

And we finished cleaning the house in time for me to decide at the last minute to go to Saturday night gaming. Still no game tomorrow - which is my preferred gaming - but Saturday night gaming is still fun and I get to hang out with Mr. B. Tonight was... er... interesting. I had a good time, though. Better than some of the guys had, I think.

Off to work on braaaains. Presentation Tuesday night. Not prepared. Last "commitment" to this group, which is a GOOD good goodgoodgood thing. Now just need to keep remembering to say "let me get back to you!"

(Saying 'no' outright to people asking me to do something is nigh impossible for me in the moment, so my goal is to get in the habit of not saying yes, and saying 'let me get back to you' instead. Then I have time to consult with Debbie, shore up my reserves, and work myself up to an actual 'no'.)

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