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church. argh. food.

Tomorrow I'm going to church.

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Debbie's sister Becky broke her ankle VERY badly. :( It sounds absolutely horrible and the ER didn't give her ANY pain meds prior to the xraying. Gah.

Please think good thoughts to Becky.

The AIDS Project Walk for Life is one month away! I am only $70 from making my goal of $500! Howie, my coworker, is only $15 dollars away from $500.


If anyone is interested in giving, and hasn't yet, thank you for your consideration and remember that the amount is not important. A $5 donation makes a difference. Our funding is increasingly in jeopardy as the year goes on.

In fact, while six months ago we were delighted to learn we had our three year prevention contract signed with the Department of Health (which is what funds my position in TOTAL), we have learned as of a week ago that the three year contract is not as solid as the term "three year contract" would imply. Our federal money could go away at a significant level starting in January. We don't *think* it would go away completely. We honestly don't know.

Joy. So much for job security based on contracts with the federal government.

Anyway, this kind of news makes community fundraising doubly important. If anyone would like to give, please visit my Donation Page at:
Alex's FirstGiving

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. I very much appreciate all the support.


Mom Visit

We are DELIGHTED to have found a second vacation rental, meaning Debbie's mom can stay up here in Vermont through mid-October. :)

This has been an ongoing struggle since January. Becky (Debbie's sister) is driving up with Mom in late June, for a three week stay through July 15. We got that vacation rental settled in late January. Then, a little while later, we began to look for a place for Mom to stay on, from July 15 through October 15. At first this entailed looking for a place for us (Alex and Debbie) to move into WITH Mom, for July 15, so Mom would stay in Vermont when Becky drove back down south. The eventual goal would be for Mom to spend summers up here, and winters down south.

Getting into a place for July 15 would obviously entail a permanent move for us, and that timeline was a little extreme for us. We also found that in doing some mad looking as fast as possible, getting a good, comfortable rental for all three of us and the Doberman and the cat was going to take some time and WORK. (Did you know Dobermans are still on the Restricted Breeds list? We didn't.)

So we've transitioned to having another vacation rental for Mom, from August 5 through October 5. Between July 15 and August 5, she'll stay with us at our place, but while that's cool for two and a half weeks, it's a little small for the full three month stay. Then, we would look at finding a permanent place for the three of us on a slower timeline and have it ready for next April.

We're really psyched with the vacation rental we've found, and EVEN BETTER, it looks as though the same people have a two bedroom place to rent right next door to the vacation rental, which is IDEAL FOR OUR NEEDS.

Too weird. And fortuitous.

We are so delighted to be able to have Mom up here for the rest of the summer/part of fall. :) For a little bit it looked like that wasn't going to work out for this year, and we're SO glad it did.

unbelievable news

We are disconnecting our sover.net service completely within a couple days.

My ratboy address at sover.net will go away, and I am NOT putting a forwarding order on it. Mainly because most everyone is using my gmail addy these days anyway.

Edited to add the actual email address I am using now: alexanderbpotter at gmail.com

Even more bizarre, we are disconnecting our landline and going cellular. (I can hear the bodies hitting the floor from here.) Debbie and I will each have our own phone number, and we obviously cannot port our old one, so that number will be obsolete. For people who currently have a phone number for us, contact me if you want our new ones, when we get them. (Likely tomorrow.)

Too weird.



Let's see if I can make this work this year...

While I am not participating in BOWL FOR KID'S SAKE this year given life circumstances, I am participating in the AIDS WALK FOR LIFE 2011, my employer's one big fundraising event each year.

My organization, the AIDS Project of Southern Vermont, is an amazing organization doing meaningful work all over southern Vermont, and is very worthy of support. Nonprofit budgets are super-tight these days, and every donation no matter how small makes a big difference.

This is my life's work, and it is extremely important to me. I'm blessed to come to work each day to a job I love, at a place that makes a difference, working with the gay and bisexual men's community on an issue that still affects us all. Even in the midst of my current emotional state, I'm grateful for that *every single day*.

This link SHOULD go to my FirstGiving online fundraising page, if I have done this correctly:

Alex's APSV Walk for Life 2011


I continue to receive BEAUTIFUL cards and messages from you folks, and my mother does as well. I cannot thank you all enough. Each message means the world to me. I would love to respond and thank everyone individually, immediately, but it's beyond my reach at the moment. Maybe soon. Grateful hugs to you all.


no BFKS this year

First year in a very long time, I won't be participating in Bowl For Kids' Sake. I always make a team and volunteer for the day. I've been waffling, but finally decided yesterday not to go at all.

Just not up to it this year. It's a very long, public day and given my history with BBBS I always see scads of people I know, and haven't seen in some time. That would most likely mean a lot of heartfelt condolences and that tends to drop me right over the edge.

I'm still crying at the drop of a hat on otherwise emotionally stable days... I'm thinking I would not be very effective help at the event. The staff (only one of which is one of my old employees now) is being very understanding.

Feels weird. But definitely the right decision.
Surfacing, temporarily. Thank you everyone for the lovely cards and wishes and caring messages. Very appreciated. The cards have been beautiful and obviously heartfelt. It means a lot.



Dad's service will be Wednesday, February 16, 11am, at Dummerston Congregational Church.



My Dad passed away yesterday evening, February 12. I was holding his hand when he left.


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